I am a KGH registered hypnobirthing teacher. Through this I empower individuals and couples to make choices that are right for them, directing them to sound research to help them to do so. I do this by teaching tools and skills that can be used for birth and beyond.  It increases the chances of having a physiological birth and decreases the need for pharmaceutical measures. It helps women and their partners to have better understanding of the birthing process and improve confidence in their body. You will be given:

  • clear demonstrations about how powerful the mind is
  • access to tried & tested audio scripts for relaxation
  • a complimentary birth bundle as a part of your course.

You will not be asked to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. I do ask that you practice the skills and tools we have discussed in between classes. They take 10-15 minutes and can easily be fitted into part of your day, even whilst going to sleep! This is because practice prior to birth helps you to feel empowered and calm about your birth, as well as increasing the effectiveness of the tools during labour.

Many people have a fixed idea about what a hypnobirthing labour looks like. Whilst it is very possible to remain "zen" throughout labour; for some women releasing sound/noise is right for them. You don't have to be a meditation master for hypnobirthing to work for you.

My Hypnobirthing Courses

Private 121 in Person Hypnobirthing Course


Our private in home course gives you the opportunity to learn about Hypnobirthing on a 121 basis in the comfort of your own home. 

You will get 4 sessions each lasting 3 hours.


This course covers a 30 mile radius from Sheffield S21.


I am willing to travel further but travel costs will apply.  

Group Hypnobirthing Course


Our Group Course will take place at the Eckington Friendship Hall.

You will get 4 session each lasting 3 hours.


A minimum of 3 couples are required for this course to take place.


Light refreshments are available at every session.


Private 121 Online Hypnobirthing Course


Our private online course gives you the opportunity to learn about Hypnobirthing on a 121 basis in the comfort of your own home without the restriction of distance.

You will get 4 sessions each lasting 3 hours.


These sessions will be held on Zoom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hypnobirthing work?

Yes Hypnobirthing works, but it takes practice. It's not enough to just attend the course, there are tracks to listen to in between sessions to make it most effective for labour which take about 10-15 mins to do daily. I have seen women use it very effectively and even used it during my own labour.

What will I learn on the course?

The course will be tailored to what is important to you. You will learn just how powerful the mind is and how that can help you during your labour.

  • You will learn the physiology of labour and how to work with your body for an empowering, positive experience.
  • We will practice breathing techniques to help keep you calm.
  • We will explore what happens when plans change and how hypnobirthing can help you in these situations.
  • We will also discuss who you might meet on your birthing journey and how to navigate the maternity system and the different 'phases of labour'.
  • We will explore options for place of birth and how your birth partner(s) can support you and where to go to get further information.

As you can see there's a lot of cover. By doing this course, you won't need to attend any other birthing classes.

What course materials will I be given?

You will receive the KGH hypnobirthing book with access to audios for labour, birth affirmation cards, a cotton KGH bag, a mandala colouring book and access to an experienced birth professional.

Does my birth partner need to come to Hypnobirthing too?

Your birth partner doesn't have to come to the course, but it is helpful if they do. By doing so they will learn about hynobirthing and be able to support you in its use. They will also learn about labour and what they can do to best support and advocate for you during it.

Can I bring someone else to the course?

You are very welcome to bring someone with you. You can have up to 2 partners with you on the course. I would advise the same person/people to join you for each of the sessions. Swapping and changing may make it confusing, if they only hear one session. That said, if you are attending a group course and your partner misses a session its not problematic.

Is it ok to use hypnobirthing as a Christian?

This is a common question asked by many Christians.  As a Christian myself I understand why you would ask this.  The scripts can be tailored to help you to focus on God if that is something that you would rather.

Interestingly, when I have spoken to many Christian women about their positive birth experiences, they describe having instinctively hypnobirthed.  They just don't call it that.  I believe the techniques used are compatible with the Christian faith and fundamentally God wants your birth experience to be positive and empowering.

If you have another faith, or none, we can look at ways to tailor the course to suit your needs.

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